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A warm welcome to all viewers, I hope you like the selection of some of my favourite photos. Please feel free to browse through and (hopefully!) enjoy what you see. I enjoy trying to capture the intricate detail of dragonflies. At first light on a hot morning, (that’s rare in England) my enthusiasm wanes a little when stumbling and sweating through boggy marsh, with a heavy tripod and backpack of photo gear. I’m sure, the outdoor photographers among you will empathize with this. And yet, time and again, I tell myself, it’ll all be worth it after a hot shower and full English breakfast!

The postcards/greetings cards are normally for retail industry, but occasionally I’m asked for and sell, to private individuals.

If you’re more into landscapes or outdoor photography in general, the ‘Depssi’ Card (depth of field, sunrise, and sunset indicator) may be of particular interest. Basically, it shows you how to obtain maximum ‘front to back’ sharpness in your picture. On the flip side you have the angles of the sun for any time of the year. Very handy for planning sunrise/sunset shots. The concept of the Depssi Card was borne out of my own abject failures with landscape photography. Now I have no excuses!

Depssi Cards can be purchased via pay pal on this website.

And the price?.....a wallet busting, £2.95 (+ postage)

Happy viewing!......

Regards Phil Myers

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